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Math Curriculum Modifications

June 17, 2011

Under what circumstances do you think it is appropriate to modify the curriculum and materials? Have you had to do this? Share some examples and reflect on the effectiveness of these modifications. (adapted from Richard-Amato & Snow, 2005, p. 224)

Teachers should be able to modify curriculum and materials whenever it is necessary to meet the academic needs of their current learning community.  Curriculum cannot meet all learners needs nor does it always meet state and district academic learning goals.  Effective teachers modify curriculum based on their students, accommodating their academic needs the best way possible.

Within my current learning community, math is taught without a curriculum.  All lessons are based upon the students learning needs and Washington State Mathematics Performance Expectations.  For each group, a timeline is in place describing what concept needs to be reviewed or taught each day.  Based on pre and post assessments, the timeline is adjusted to allow for us to revisit a concept or move forward at a quicker pace.  Students who have difficulty with a concept receive pull-out instruction until they have mastered the information that needs to be learned.

All students within my learning community are at or above standard for their grade level in math.  They are confident mathematicians.  Lessons are taught in small groups, based on their academic level.  By modifying the curriculum, we are able to meet all learners needs, as well as making math a fun, less intimidating process.  Within all learning communities, effective teachers modify curriculum and materials to meet their learners needs.

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